African American History Is American Hstory
African American History Is American History
African American History Is American History 

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Evelyn is the author of the book, The Underground Railroad, a Movement That Changed America. (Published June, 2015)


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The Movement


     The Underground Railroad was a movement that changed the course of our Nation’s history, a story that, until now, had never fully been told. A well-organized movement, the Railroad was unique in that it was created and led by African Americans, the first interracial movement in American history.


     The Railroad was the only national antislavery organization with branches both in the North and South.  Its members risked their lives by helping thousands of slaves find freedom in the North or Canada. These heroic men and women refused to obey the Fugitive Slave Law which defined slaves as property rather than persons, and made assisting a runaway a federal crime.


     The Underground Railroad organized such powerful civil disobedience struggles against officials trying to enforce the Fugitive Slave Law that the South felt that the very existence of their slave society was at risk. During the Civil War the Underground Railroad grew even stronger. President Lincoln stated that the thousands of fugitives who joined the Union army were crucial in bringing about the defeat of the Confederacy.


What They're Saying about The Underground Railroad:

   "Millstein's book joins Fergus Bordewich's landmark 2005 Bound for Canaan as a comprehensive history of "the war for soul of America." Quoted from July 2015 issue of Underground Railroad Free Press. See it at
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