African American History Is American Hstory
African American History Is American History
African American History Is American History 

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“In The Underground Railroad: A Movement That Changed America, the fruit of a decade of diligent research, Evelyn Millstein has given the popular reader dozens of stories that create an empowering alternative vision of our history.”

Jean Fagan Yellin - Distinguished Professor Emerita of English - Pace University                                                                     Author of Harriet Jacobs: A Life                                    

“A stirring and significant account of the extensive network of anti-slavery activists, both black and white, in the early republic. Evelyn Millstein has woven together substantive scholarship with an accessible and compelling narrative to bring alive the book's historical incidents.”

Francis Shor - Professor Emeritus of History - Wayne State University

" . . . .  a series of stories that have deepened my understanding of the Underground Railroad. The stories that are uncovered in this book helped me learn more about Underground Railroad movement and the people and groups that made such as huge difference. Evelyn Millstein captured the story behind the story, rarely done before... powerful. and well done! A must read!"


5 Star reader review on by Dale Jaslove

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